WELCOME!  Angelight is a small Ragdoll Cattery in Toutle, Washington, offering beautiful, healthy and affectionate Ragdoll kittens for adoption to loving homes.  All of our cats and their kittens are well loved, well socialized, born and raised in our home as members of our family.  Our cats are our family members and live with us in our home.  Our kittens are cuddled, kissed, gently handled and adored from the time they are born to the time they are placed with their new family.   Since we are a small in-home cattery, there are only a few litters born every year.  The Nursery page will have current photos of our recent litters and display photos of our kittens that are ready for adoption.

We are located in Toutle, Washington (State of Washington), which is about 10 miles off the I-5 freeway, near Castle Rock, and just north of the Kelso Longview area.

New Litters: Autumn Rose and  Fiona have ben bred to Buckaroo, are due to have babies arrive on thein August. Check
the Kitten Nursery page for more info about our kittens, photos and announcements and current upcoming litters, or join our e-mail list so we can notify you when new babies arrive in our home. E-mail or call for more information. Check back often for more info on the new babies or upcoming litters.

ABOUT ANGELIGHT RAGDOLLS: We breed healthy purebred Ragdoll kittens to CFA and TICA Ragdoll standards. We are devoted to breeding excellent kittens and breed for quality and not quantity.  Our cattery and breeding cats are registered with TICA and CFA. Our litters are registered with one or both associations.
Our kittens leave us only after turning 12 to 14 weeks old, are litter box trained and ready to go to their new family.  Each kitten comes with a written health guarantee and a “kitten care package.”
Before our kittens leave us, they will have their age appropriate vaccines, be wormed, and will have visited with our vet to assure their excellent health. Your kitten will also have been spayed or neutered.  We alter your pet prior to them leaving our care as we believe they recover quickly while they are still with us in a familiar environment. This is also a convenience for you and this cost is included in the kitten purchase price.

What are Ragdolls? Ragdolls are big, affectionate cats with easy going personalities and are bred for their sweet, loving temperament. They are gentle, playful, alert and are extremely intelligent. They love human affection and companionship. Because of their nature, Ragdolls adapt well to other animals in the home and are very good with children.
Their fur coats are medium-long, silky soft, and very “bunny-like” which does not mat like many other longhair breeds. They have large oval eyes and a large boned frame. Due to their nature, Ragdolls are strictly indoor cats and we stipulate this in contract. We also require that your Angelight Ragdoll not be de-clawed.  Nicknamed “puppy cats” as they love to follow you room to room and supervise or help you in any task. Ragdolls are the perfect companion!

Ragdoll Colors: Ragdolls come in several beautiful patterns and colors. We breed the traditional pointed colors of Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.

Ragdoll Patterns: Ragdolls come in three patterns:
Color point: Pointed with no white. Nose, ears, tail, feet and back “saddle” are dark with lighter shading on the rest of the body. Nose leather and paw pads are dark.
Mitted: Little white mittens on the front paws and long white socks on the back legs, with a white chin. Sometimes they also have a blaze of white on their nose or forehead. Paw pads are pink, nose leather is dark.
Bicolor: These have an inverted V of white over the face, and white chin, legs and tummy. Nose leather and paw pads are pink.

Buying an Angelight Ragdoll: Please contact us if you would like to purchase an Angelight Ragdoll.  As responsible breeders, we will ask you a few questions to be sure we place the perfect kitten with you; a kitten that suits you, your family and lifestyle.
We love our kittens like family and want the adoption to be the kitten’s happy “forever” home and family.  This means their new home should be a safe, clean indoor environment where she will be loved and properly cared for indoors. Proper care should include companionship, regular grooming and veterinary care.
After we have talked with you, a deposit of $200.00 will hold the kitten of your choice until it is old enough to leave the cattery ( at around 12-14 weeks.)
No kitten is reserved until we receive your deposit.  Full payment is due prior to delivery.

Pricing information is available here.
If no litters are currently available, you can be placed on our update mailing list for up to date news of upcoming litters and newborn kittens. Write or call us for more information.

Adopting an Angelight Ragdoll kitten would be a perfect gift
of love and affection for your entire family to share for many years to come.

Ragdolls are the perfect apartment dweller companion as they
do DO NOT EVER go outdoors. No exceptions.

Visit our Kitten Nursery to see kittens available for adoption!

Contact us: Please feel free to write or call us for more information about Ragdolls, our cattery, references, available kittens or about the web site.  Visitations by appointment only as this is our home. Please only visit one cattery per day for health reasons as we are very protective about the safety of our Angelight Ragdolls.
We are located in Toutle, WA, which is about 10 miles off the I-5 freeway near Castle Rock, north of Kelso, WA.

This web site was created and is maintained by Jeanette Gogan-Olivier of Angelight Ragdolls. For more information, questions about the web site or our Ragdolls, contact Jeanette.  All content: text, photos and Angelight Ragdoll graphics are copyright Angelight Ragdolls.  No use of copyrighted information is authorized without our written consent. Copyright©2015


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